Wilmin Bartolini, Ph.D.

Vice President, Clinical Pharmacology & DMPK

Wilmin Bartolini has over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development. His broad range of research experience covers early drug discovery through clinical development and post market drug approval. Prior to joining Ikena in 2021, Wil was a Senior Director of Clinical Research at Ironwood Pharmaceuticals. In this role, he was the clinical lead for linaclotide and other development programs focused on gastrointestinal and pain disorders. As the clinical lead for linaclotide, he led a Phase 3 registration study for label expansion, a Phase 4 long term safety study and multiple Phase 2 proof of concept/dose range finding studies. His advancement in to Clinical Research was a result of his experience and performance as a Clinical Pharmacology and DMPK team leader. At Ikena, Wil is excited to return to his background area of expertise in Clinical Pharmacology and DMPK. He enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge of pharmaceutical development as a regular guest speaker and lecturer at local colleges. Wil received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from McDaniel College and Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Delaware.

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