Publications, Posters, and Presentations

Ikena’s pipeline is supported by scientific research published and presented by the Ikena team, our collaborators, and external experts.

Oct 2021 | From Ikena Oncology

Systems biology-guided indication selection to inform the clinical development of a novel TEAD inhibitor

Marta Sanchez-Martin, PhD | AACR-NCI-EORTC 2021

Sep 2020 | From External Experts

Therapeutics Targeting Mutant KRAS

Thein et al. | Annual Review of Medicine

Aug 2020 | From Ikena Oncology

Blockade of the AHR restricts a Treg-macrophage suppressive axis induced by L-Kynurenine

Campesato, L. et al. | Nature Communications

Jul 2020 | From External Experts

Molecular epidemiology and diagnostics of KRAS mutations in human cancer

Timar and Kashofer | Cancer and Metastasis Reviews

Jun 2020 | From External Experts

Targeting the Hippo pathway in cancer, fibrosis, wound healing and regenerative medicine

Dey et al. | Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

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