Navigating new territory in targeted oncology

Ikena is redefining the targeted oncology landscape and envisioning a world in which every cancer patient has a cure, guided by a deep understanding of the patient experience and what drives disease.

Our Focus

We develop therapies that have potential as single agents and in combination to directly target underlying mechanisms driving cancer survival and growth. Our approach enables us to evolve and follow a path guided by translational approaches. See our unique process below.

A Multifaceted Approach

1. Analyze cancer-driving targets in patients with significant therapeutic needs
We employ our insight and a wide array of technologies to identify genetic and signaling dependencies that enable cancer initiation, progression, metastasis, and therapeutic resistance. We are unconstrained to any single platform or method.
2. Identify patients that have specific cancer-driving targets
We leverage a diversity of translational approaches to identify patients that have cancer-driving mutations. We respond with flexibility and creativity to a growing body of data based on an array of biological markers, including creating novel assays as companions to our development candidates.
3. Employ tailored combination of capabilities to discover and develop therapies that target key drivers of cancer progression
Using a fit-for-purpose approach, we leverage our deep expertise in medicinal and computational chemistry and structural biology. With a platform-agnostic strategy, we let the biology determine the technologies we use to discover and develop clinical candidates.
4. Advance therapies that are guided by the patient–our North Star–from beginning to end
Our expertise, diverse processes, and dedication to evolving with science enable us to generate robust data and expand the toolbox of targeted therapies. Through this process, we are closer to achieving our mission of shifting the oncology treatment paradigm to a personalized, biology-driven approach for physicians and their patients.


We are advancing a diverse array of therapies targeting cancer’s underlying drivers through clinical development.

Program Target Indication Discovery IND Enabling Phase 1 Late-Stage Development IK-930 TEAD Hippo-Mutated Cancers Multiple RAS Pathway Targets; Including ERK5 RAS-Mutated Cancers Bladder Cancer Additional Tumor Types IK-412 Kynurenine Multiple Solid Tumors IK-007 + Pembro EP4 MSS-CRC AHR IK-175 + Nivo BMS BMS
Candidate Target Interventions Indications Partnerships & Rights Discovery IND Enabling Phase 1 Late-Stage Development IK-930TEAD Hippo-altered CancersMonotherapy & Multiple Combinations Undisclosed Hippo-altered Cancers RAS-mutated Cancers Bladder Cancer, AHR EnrichedMonotherapy & Nivolumab Combination IK-175AHR Head & Neck Cancer, AHR Enriched Nivolumab Combination IK-007EP4 MSS-CRC, PGEM EnrichedPembrolizumab Combination ERK5 & UndisclosedMultiple BMS Targeted Oncology Immune-Signaling HippoPathway RASPathway AHRSignaling EP4Signaling

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We are ever-evolving

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At Ikena, we strive to see, know, and understand what drives every patient’s cancer so we can make an impact at its root. Every member of our team has something important to contribute to this goal.

Management Team

Mark Manfredi, Ph.D.

Mark Manfredi, Ph.D.


Jeffrey Ecsedy, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Ecsedy, Ph.D.

Chief Development Officer

Jotin Marango

Jotin Marango, M.D., Ph.D.

CFO and Head of Corporate Development

Michelle Zhang, Ph.D.

Michelle Zhang, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Alfredo Castro, Ph.D.

Alfredo Castro, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, DISCOVERY

Alexander Constan, Ph.D.

Alexander Constan, Ph.D.


Karim Malek

Karim S. Malek, M.D.

Vice President, Clinical Development

Karen McGovern, Ph.D.

Karen McGovern, Ph.D.

Vice President, R&D Collaborations

Francisco Oliveira

Francisco Oliveira

Vice President of Finance

Jennifer Schroeder, PMP

Senior Vice President, Clinical Development Operations

Samantha Vuksanic

Head of Human Resources

Board of Directors

Mark Manfredi, Ph.D.

President, chief executive officer and director

Scientific Advisory Board

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