Ikena’s pipeline is supported by scientific research published by the Ikena R&D team, our collaborators, and by external experts.


Our pipeline is supported by scientific research performed by our in-house team and by external experts.

For links to relevant scientific publications and abstracts, please see below (subscriptions may be required to access full text of certain publications):

Feb 2016 | From External Experts

Autopalmitoylation of TEAD proteins regulates transcriptional output of the Hippo pathway

Jan 2016 | From External Experts

Immunotherapy of Colon Cancer

Jan 2016 | From External Experts

The role of prostaglandin E2 in tumor associated immunosuppression

Sep 2015 | From External Experts

Prostaglandin E2 and the EP receptors in malignancy: possible therapeutic targets?

Nov 2014 | From External Experts

Aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligands in cancer: friend and foe

Mar 2014 | From External Experts

YAP1 acts as oncogenic target of 11q22 amplification in multiple cancer subtypes

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