Ikena’s development pipeline is supported by scientific research published by the Ikena R&D team, our collaborators, and by external experts.


Our pipeline is supported by scientific research performed by our in-house team and by external experts.

Dec 2017 | From Industry Source

Targeting the IDO1/TDO2–KYN–AhR Pathway for Cancer Immunotherapy – Challenges and Opportunities

Dec 2017 | From Ikena Oncology

Discovery of IDO1 Inhibitors: From Bench to Bedside

Mar 2017 | From Ikena Oncology

IDO in the Tumor Microenvironment: Inflammation, Counter-Regulation, and Tolerance

Jan 2016 | From Industry Source

The role of prostaglandin E2 in tumor associated immunosuppression

Sep 2015 | From Industry Source

Prostaglandin E2 and the EP receptors in malignancy: possible therapeutic targets?

Nov 2014 | From Industry Source

Aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligands in cancer: friend and foe

Jan 2012 | From Industry Source

Regulation of Immune Responses by Prostaglandin E2

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