Ikena’s development pipeline is supported by scientific research published by the Ikena R&D team, our collaborators, and by external experts.


Our pipeline is supported by scientific research performed by our in-house team and by external experts.

Aug 2020 | From Ikena Oncology

Blockade of the AHR restricts a Treg-macrophage suppressive axis induced by L-Kynurenine

Sep 2019 | From Industry Source

Metabolomic adaptations and correlates of survival to immune checkpoint blockade

Jul 2019 | From Industry Source

YAP and TAZ: a signalling hub of the tumour microenvironment

May 2019 | From Industry Source

Hippo Pathway in Cancer: Aberrant Regulation and Therapeutic Opportunities

Apr 2019 | From Industry Source

Control of tumor-associated macrophages and T cells in glioblastoma via AHR and CD39

Sep 2018 | From Ikena Oncology

Inhibiting IDO pathways to treat cancer: lessons from the ECHO-301 trial and beyond

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