Ikena’s pipeline is supported by scientific research published by the Ikena R&D team, our collaborators, and by external experts.


Our pipeline is supported by scientific research performed by our in-house team and by external experts.

For links to relevant scientific publications and abstracts, please see below (subscriptions may be required to access full text of certain publications):

Oct 2021 | From Ikena Oncology

Systems biology-guided indication selection to inform the clinical development of a novel TEAD inhibitor

Sep 2020 | From External Experts

Therapeutics Targeting Mutant KRAS

Aug 2020 | From Ikena Oncology

Blockade of the AHR restricts a Treg-macrophage suppressive axis induced by L-Kynurenine

Jul 2020 | From External Experts

Molecular epidemiology and diagnostics of KRAS mutations in human cancer

Jun 2020 | From External Experts

Targeting the Hippo pathway in cancer, fibrosis, wound healing and regenerative medicine

Apr 2020 | From External Experts

Targeted Avenues for Cancer Treatment: The MEK5–ERK5 Signaling Pathway

Developing breakthrough, patient-directed therapies for difficult to treat cancers.