Ikena collaborates with leading biopharmaceutical companies to enhance our biomarker-driven discovery and development efforts.

Our business development team works closely with our research and development groups to thoughtfully identify and evaluate prospective external opportunities that are aligned with our strategic objectives. We also actively seek discovery, development and commercialization partners, with the goal of accelerating the advancement of our novel targeted oncology therapies to patients.

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Celgene Corporation
In January 2019, Ikena announced an exclusive global strategic collaboration with Celgene Corporation, now Bristol Myers Squibb, for the development of two of Ikena’s pipeline programs; the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) antagonist program and the kynurenine-degrading enzyme (“Kynase”) program. Under the terms of the agreement, Ikena received an upfront payment of $95.0 million, which consisted of $80.5 million in cash and an equity investment of approximately $14.5 million. In exchange, Bristol Myers Squibb received an exclusive option to globally license the IK-175 and IK-412 programs by the end of Phase 1b. Ikena is responsible for research and development activities for both programs through Phase 1b. Ikena is eligible to receive $50.0 million, in case of BMS’ exercise of its option with respect to IK-175, and $40.0 million, in case of a BMS’ exercise of its option with respect to IK-412.. Upon the exercise of the delivery of each license, Ikena becomes eligible to receive up to $265.0 million in regulatory milestones and $185.0 million in commercial milestones as well as a tiered royalties at rates ranging from the high single to low teen percentages based on worldwide annual net sales by BMS, subject to specified gross sale reductions.
In December 2018, Ikena announced the initiation of a clinical trial collaboration evaluating Ikena’s EP4 receptor antagonist IK-007 in combination with Merck’s anti-PD-1 therapy, Keytruda® (pembrolizumab) in Phase 1b. Merck provides Keytruda for ongoing studies that are designed to assess the safety (as a primary outcome measure) and efficacy (as a secondary outcome measure) of this combination regimen.

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