Our Company

Ikena envisions a world where every cancer patient has a cure.

Ikena, headquartered in the biotech hub of Boston, Massachusetts, is dedicated to bringing next generation targeted oncology and immunometabolism therapies to patients suffering from cancer. We are committed to leveraging our unique understanding of the complex biologic pathways that drive the formation and spread of cancers to discover and develop novel, patient-directed therapies. Selecting patients for treatment in clinical studies with biomarkers we develop is at the core of our strategy.

Our name, Ikena, is derived from the combination of “I” which refers to the individual or the patient and “ken” which means understanding or knowledge, thereby illustrating our commitment to using our insights to identify which patients are most likely to benefit from our therapies. Ikena is also a Hawaiian word which means seeing, knowing, and having insight into the future. Our symbol further embodies our focus on pinpointing biomarkers that illuminate our knowledge into which patients may benefit from our therapies.

Today, our company is comprised of dedicated talented professionals who are striving to see, know, and understand what drives every patient’s cancer, with the ultimate goal of making a difference in patients’ lives.

Passion, innovation and courage
Passion, innovation, and courage are instrumental to Ikena’s continued progress towards accomplishing our mission and it is on those principles and values that Ikena is rapidly becoming a leader in the field of oncology.

Our History

Since our launch, we have achieved a number of milestones towards bringing novel cancer therapies to patients.

Leading the charge to fully realize the potential of Ikena, for patients and for stakeholders.