Ikena™ Approach

We are pioneering the discovery and development of novel patient-directed oncology therapies across multiple molecular pathways relevant in immune and cancer cells.

At Ikena, we begin with the end in mind. We develop oncology therapies that are best for patients by understanding which patients are best suited for our therapies. We focus on subgroups of patients who will most benefit from our immunotherapy and tumor cell-targeted drug candidates, ensuring that we can bring the right drug to the right patient.
We pursue opportunities where we can use our discovery, translational and development expertise to advance novel oncology therapies efficiently by developing clinical strategies with the highest probability for success.
advance novel oncology therapies
Our discovery research engine utilizes a robust, multidisciplinary approach to elucidate promising targets across pathways in immune cells and in cancer cells, to understand mechanisms of action and the biology that drives disease, and to rapidly generate small molecule or biologics development candidates.

We perfect the art of translational research by deliberately connecting the scientific rationale from the lab to the patient benefit in the clinic, moving quickly to a proof of concept (POC) while derisking the program at every turn. Once in the clinic, we employ optimized trial designs that allow for rapid paths to clinical POC.

Our goal is to build a leading oncology research and development company with a validated patient-focused methodology, a proven track record for advancing first-in-class or best-in-class immunotherapies and tumor cell-targeted therapies through optimized path to POC , and a roster of collaborations with top-tier strategic partners that accelerate bringing novel medicines to patients.

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